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A 25-year old youth from hisar town of haryana was stabbed six times on saturday and succumbed to his injury on wednesday. {Indian Express} Shyam Arora , the victim, his fault was that he belonged to the punjabi community. He did serious crime for the community because he run away from home on 31 january 2017 to marry a DALIT girl , sapna.
As always squared planning was made and Sapna’s brother Sahil , maternal uncle Pawan along with one more had gone to couple’s house on saturday for the first time after the wedding.
While Sapna was preparing tea for them, the trio stabbed Shyam. And Sapna was also injured when she tried to intervene.

What happened next doesn’t matter , because after sometime criminals get bail and in male dominating society they live happily. And no one questioning on their character , actions and crime. The reason behind is whatever these guys have done , this is right for the pride of our society. Because our society doesn’t know what is love , mercy, peace and humanity . These words are crime for them. Our society cares about honor, religion and caste. If you have these words in your thoughts and you mean it than you are a respectful person for them and you save your life too.We need to change our thoughts and believes because this narrow mindedness destroyed our own family and we are murdering our loved ones.

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